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working gordon setters show dogs

Nicky Ackerley-Kemp


People assume I followed ‘Mum’ Sylvia Ackerley into the world of dogs, but after our childhood pet dog the wonderful Kerry, we ventured to purchase a pet Gordon as it happened Tessa was from Haze and Emben lines.

I took Kerry our Irish Setter and Tessa to a village show and an Irish setter breeder and now friend, said the Gordon was a nice type and maybe I should show her

With a few successes under my belt I went to University and asked Mum to takeover. I remember taking Tessa to Paignton Ch Sh and drove Mums new car all the way to Exeter as she was working.  I stopped on the way home at a pay phone to tell her I had won!  –That was 35  years ago. Since then we  travelled many thousands of miles together up and down the UK, to Russia to visit Yuri , Victoria, Valera and Ch Yennadon Swift and his offspring. To Australia taking time to see Carl and Jo and getting Gordon fixes along the way, Mum went to Poland and Holland to judge and to New Zealand to See Deborah Addenbrooke and Ch Yennadon Wagtail at Etsettera

Sylvia was more interested in training Tessa to work, and with the support of Brenda Partridge, Joyce Damerel, Terry Harris and Jane Osborn we were able to learn what setters were bred to do.

We were granted the Yennadon affix in 1984, after our first litter, sired by Sh Ch Duncan of Douglas proudly owned by Sue Mitchell. We kept a bitch and our first male -Boyers Shah at Yennadon joined us in 1991 and became the first male Champion in the breed for 46 years with an award from a field trial.

We have now bred or owned 11 champions and 1 show champion.

Yennadon Gordon Setter stud dogs, may be available at Stud to approved bitches, they are all health tested, Hereditary clear for PRA RCD4 and are Hip scored.

Gordon Setter puppies are occasionally available.

Below photo’s of Sylvia Ackerley with Andy Kemp

working gordon setters show dogs
working gordon setters show dogs
working gordon setters show dogs

International winners include:

Ch Yennadon Swift owned by Yuri Razorenov lived in St Petersburg and Moscow and became Champion of the Russian Federation on 3 occasions. 

Ch Yennadon Wagtail at Etsettera in  New Zealand owned by Deborah Ninness

Ch Yennadon Dynamic Dan in Germany owned by Dagmar Bartels and living with Anke and Thomas Panzner

Yennadon Lady Bird owned by Sandy and Jo Wollschlager with 3 champion offspring in the USA

These dogs have all had a lasting influence on the breed in their respective countries for both working, showing and as great ambassadors across their respective continents.

Gordon Setter dog breeder website

USA Champion Blackjack Double Down

gordon setter

USA Daughter of Yennadon Lady Bird

gordon setter website

Ch Yennadon Swift

Today I have 4 Gordons and they live happily with my husbands working cocker spaniel

Our dogs are our pets but they also attend shows, field trials and shooting days. They are well travelled.

I am privileged to have served on the Gordon Setter Association committee for over 20 years as committee member, President and currently Field Trial Secretary. I have been a member of the Gordon setter Breed Council, I am a member of the Kennel Club, a committee member of the Setter and Pointer Club on their field trial sub committee too and also on the KC Field Trial Liaison Committee. I am and A panel Show judge and an A panel field trial judge, the only person to achieve this in Gordon Setters.

Gordon Setter Handbook – Complied and edited by Sue Woodland with contributions from Maureen Justice and Sylvia Ackerley

Gordon Setter Website Yennadon

Shooting Gazette  August 2020 edition feature on a shoot day with Yennadon Gordon setters

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